Anna Raimondo

ANNA RAIMONDO is a sound and visual artist. She considers her work to be a medium for encounters and exchanges. It can be defined as a journey that illustrates diversity while creating possible areas of interaction. Her method is flexible and variable, accepting the accidental as the unforeseeable.

On her practice, Raimondo says:


I am a radio creature. Through radio, I learned to formulate questions, to open up and share the microphone, and, above all, to listen. In radio, I experienced the uniqueness of each voice and the value of silence. I experimented with gathering a community around specific questions, engaging both embodied and invisible audiences. I spoke in a constant tension between intimacy and intimidation, driven by a desire to create a form of engagement with the listener(s) and an awareness of the power of turning the microphone on and off. In radio, I navigated the implications of having an accent— exploring the possibilities, impossibilities, and poetry behind translation. I learned how to substitute sound instead of words to communicate. In radio, I discovered feminism and became a feminist myself. I used radio to explore listening as a feminist tool to question and narrate reality. Today, as an artist, I remain a feminist radio creature. I am particularly interested in the concept of what I define as “gendered listening” and its potential as a tool to activate narratives in urban spaces and to imagine the ways in which we want to inhabit them. In my work, I invite people to listen, whether they are on the street, in a museum, a gallery, or a bus stop.”


Anna Raimondo lives in Brussels and works internationally. Currently she is pursuing her doctoral research on listening and its relation to urban geography from a feminist intersectional perspective.

Raimondo has participated in numerous local international exhibitions and festivals, including “Fluxus” at McaM, Shanghai in 2023 (CN); group exhibition “Sound without music” at Casino Forum d’Art Contemporain in 2022 (LU), manifesta13 in Marseille in 2020 (FR), the solo show “Fronte Nazionale Naso Partenopeo” at Albumarte in 2020 in Rome (IT); the solo exhibition "Nada que declarar" at the Centro Cultural Matienzo in Buenos Aires in 2019 (AR, curator: Tam Ciai Painé); “Bienal Sur” in Buenos Aires in 2019 (AR); "Seremos serias de la manera más alegre" at the CAso- Casa del Bicentenario in Buenos Aires in 2018 (AR, curator: Florencia Curci); the group exhibition "Invisible" as part of the Dakar Biennale in 2018 (SN, curator: Alya Sebti); the group exhibition "Africa is not an island" at MACAAL in Marrakech in 2018 (MA); "Nuove frontiere del benessere dell'ecosistema vaginale" at the Ex Elettrofonica gallery in Rome in 2017 (IT, curator: Lucrezia Cippitelli); "Nous serions sérieux de la manière la plus heureuse" at the Cube - independent art room in Rabat in 2017 (MA); "Mi porti al mare? "at the MAAC in Brussels in 2016 (BE, curators: Nancy Casielles and Nancy Suárez).

Her radio works have been broadcast in different countries and in several languages on stations like Kunst Radio, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, RAI, RTBF, etc.

In 2018, Moussem presents Raimondo's work during Moussem Cities Casablanca. With the support of Moussem, she starts the project Q(ee)R Codes - New Boundaries in Brussels in 2021. The first part, Q(ee)R Codes - New Boundaries Brussels 1000 is presented in the context of BXL UNIVERSEL II : The second part Q(ee)R Codes - New Boundaries Anderlecht 1070 is shown in 2022.

Together with writer Julie Ruocco in the framework of MOUSSEM STAGES (6-21.10.23), Raimondo organized the workshop A Love Letter, in which participants experimented with collective writing and polyphonic reading to formulate a love letter to themselves. A Love Letter pursued a common reflection on care as both an intimate and political act.

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Anna Raimondo in collaboration with Julie Ruocco — A Love Letter (2023)