privacy statement

As MOUSSEM VZW, we are responsible for the processing of your personal data.
If after reviewing our privacy statement, or in a more general sense,
have questions about this or wants to contact us this can be done via:
Contact details:
Rating gallery 46
1000 Brussels
0032 513 15 58

Why we process personal data
Your personal data will be processed by MOUSSEM VZW for the following purposes and for the following legal reasons:
in order to be able to participate in the activities of Moussem VZW (implementation of the agreement)
Sending newsletters and invitations. (Data subject's consent)
the obtaining of subsidies by the government (legal obligation)

For the purposes mentioned above, we may collect the following personal data from you
querying (and storing) (collecting) (processing) :
Personal identity details: email address after subscription to the Moussem newsletter.
Moussem does not collect any other personal data
We will only use the collected data for the purposes for which we have collected the data.

Provision to third parties
We may provide the information you provide to us to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of the purposes:
we use the services of a third party:
taking care of the internet environment (web hosting);
Taking care of the IT infrastructure (including IT network, ...);
providing (and distributing) newsletters and invitations.
We never pass on personal data to other parties with whom we have not concluded a processor's agreement.
We will, of course, make the necessary arrangements with these parties (processors) to guarantee the security of your personal data.
Furthermore, we will not pass on the data provided by you to third parties, unless required and permitted to do so by law.

Your rights with regard to your data
You have the right to inspect and the right to correct or delete the personal data we have received from you. At the top of this privacy statement is how to contact us.
You can also object to the processing of your personal data (or a part thereof) by us or by one of our processors.
You also have the right to have the data provided by you transferred by us to yourself or on your instructions directly to another party. We may ask you to identify yourself before we can respond to the above requests.

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, please contact us directly.
You always have the right to complain to the Privacy Commission, which is the supervisory authority in the field of privacy protection.

Change to privacy statement
MOUSSEM VZW can change its privacy statement. We will make an announcement of this change on our website