about moussem


Moussem originated in 2001 as an arts festival in Antwerp. From 2002 onward, Moussem also began to organize the Nights of the Ramadan. The organisation gradually developed an annual activity programme, with a focus on own productions and creations. After a two-year recognition by the Flemish Community in 2006, Moussem further established itself as a nomadic arts centre. Since 2011, Moussem also coordinates the European cooperation project moussem.eu.


Moussem Nomadic Arts Center questions the prevailing artistic canon and reflects on the consequences of globalization caused by old and new migratory flows. Moussem’s international operations focus on artists that are either directly connected with the Arab world, or evidence an openness toward it. Moussem directs its activities, which it consciously chooses to integrate within the mainstream art houses in Flanders, Brussels and Europe, towards a diverse urban audience. Moussem positions itself as an international crossroads in the Flemish art field. This is reflected in its many artistic collaborations.

Creation & Productions
Moussem stimulates the creation of an innovative art offering from a global frame of reference through the artistic, financial and logistical support of contemporary talent, both locally and internationally. In practice, Moussem realises these aims through the provision of residencies and the setting up of co-productions with various partners.

Moussem’s programming includes (inter)national productions from various disciplines such as dance, theatre, literature, music, the visual arts, presented either on their own or combined, and pays extra attention to urban youth culture.

Moussem has since its inception focused on the creation of a new audience for cultural institutions, with special attention to families, youths and young adults. Moussem, because of its nomadic nature and through its collaborations with a variety of partners, its broad programming and its targeted public activities, reaches a very diverse audience.