Younes Baba-Ali

Younes Baba-Ali makes art that is unconventional, intelligent and critical, mostly in public space or places uncommon to art practice. He is a sharp observer and raises pertinent questions aimed at society, the institution and above all, his audience. As a free thinker he holds a mirror up to society and confronts it with its ingrained habits and dysfunctions. Baba-Ali’s work often assumes the form of the readymade, but underneath its facade of simplicity there is a complex exercise in balance at work. As an artist-alchemist he measures and mixes technology, objects, sound, video and photography with political, social and ecological issues. The resulting installations discreetly coerce the unsuspecting viewer into taking a stand. Baba-Ali shuns no controversy and often finds himself negotiating his art and its rationale with his environment. His works are context-specific and take their final form in dialogue with its spectators. This at times disruptive intervention art confronts the viewer in an ironical way with himself and his environment. Baba-Ali presents people dilemmas and taboos and challenges them to (re)act. In this way he makes them his accomplices in acts of artistic guerrilla that unite the establishment and the common man.

Moussem has been supporting his work for years through residencies, productions and presentations. In 2014 there is a first collaboration within the framework of Moussem Sounds. In 2015 follows an exhibition during the Artefact Festival in Stuk. The exhibition Paraboles / Vu Cumpra in BOZAR will follow the following year. In 2018 Younes is co-curator of the exhibition Raw Poetry as part of Moussem Cities Casablanca. In 2019 he presents the solo exhibition Short Cut in Mu.ZEE Oostende, the first chapter of the project Moussem Collection.