Moussem Cities Damascus

Moussem Cities 2019 takes Damascus as starting point for the multidisciplinary festival

The urban cycle Moussem Cities has grown into a presentation and dialogue platform for a wide audience that makes it possible for a similar exchange with artists from a specific region. A platform that touches on shared universal themes, gives insight into the local artistic context and fosters an exchange with Brussels.
It is no surprise that today’s events in the world give an inevitable overtone to this edition. Moussem Cities 2019 will also welcome Syrian artists, curators and cultural actors to join in shaping the festival that can exhibit their essential work and commitment in a fitting context.
Moussem Cities hasn’t opted for Damascus from a nostalgic perspective, neither does it wish to normalise the geographic location. We see Damascus as a concept and a mental window through which we can draw attention to the artistic scene of a region and the theatre-makers from the diaspora.
We want the pertinent, vital voice of artists from Damascus, Syria and the Syrian diaspora to be heard. Voices that must be documented to ensure that the stories and traditions are not lost forever amidst the violence.

01/02/19 - 28/02/19