Haythem Zakaria

Moussem Vitrine

Haythem ZAKARIA, born in 1983 in Tunis, lives and works in Paris. Haythem Zakaria’s visual creations, largely imbued with Sufi spirituality, use unconventional visual techniques (glitch, meta-image, cine process) that guide him and involve him in the experimentation with matrix and protocol devices. He is thus led to explore methods aimed at ‘over-producing’ the image through integration, grafting, and superimposition of visual or sound information. His creations are the fruit of an introspection towards the image, by the image and in the image. They reveal multiple and unsuspected universes, generating something akin to visual scores, that can be read or deciphered by immediate sensation and by reflection. Unwinding this fragile thread, that goes from Being’s interior to Being’s exteriority, Zakaria induces a movement that aims to nurture and concretise a perception, which leads to a fertile perplexity.

Haythem Zakaria is the second artist we present in the context of Moussem Vitrine


Haythem Zakaria on ///..///..///, the installation he presents in Moussem Vitrine:

This installation is made out of three glass cubes separated from each other by a ten centimeter gap. Inside each solid a cloud of waves has been engraved using a laser. These waves are a visual representation of white noise. White noise is a random signal (or process) with a flat power spectral density.Frequency captured here lead to the drawing of a sound landscape frozen in the glass. This sound, anatomized and fossilized as such, is articulated in a way that produces visual rhythm based on continuous distribution and blank turns.Guests are encouraged to observe more closely changes and variations. It is a double observation based on two different scales: molecular and cosmic. Where the two meet, spectators can then hear haunted echoes of troubled memories from a faraway past.

Triptic, 3D laser engraving on optical glass, 3×1000cm³, 2012
Conception 3D : Marwen El Bekri


visual arts / guest