Moussem Vitrine

Moussem Vitrine

Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre has recently moved to the Galerie Ravenstein in Brussels. Our offices overlook the main atrium of this historical building where daily thousands of people pass through. With the new project Moussem Vitrine we use our new location to strenghten our visual arts program. A large office window has been transformed into an exhibition space that permits us to showcase visual artists towards the diverse urban audience passing in the Galerie. Every year we will invite a collaborator to propose 5 exciting new artists for a bi-monthly showcase of their work. For the inaugural program 2017-2018 visual artist Younes Baba-Ali will propose his selection of artists. 


Sept. > Oct. : Oussama Tabti

In his work, Oussama Tabti (°1988, Algiers) tries, through different media, to take a position in relation to the various upheavals and phenomena that mark his society and the world in which he lives.

Nov. > Dec. : Haythem Zakaria

The works of Haythem Zakaria (° 1983, Tunis) are largely imbued with mysticism. They are the product of innovative and multidisciplinary visual techniques. He thus questions, through his various apparatus, recurring primary and universal principles.


Feb > Apr. : Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni

Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni (°1991, Rabat) bases his work on real, personal or collective facts or events. Without judgment or criticism, he questions the human condition, reflecting on the values it conveys and keeping a watchful eye on the human capacity to give meaning to violence and pain and/or to overcome them. Le travail de Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni (°1991 Rabat

May > June : Randa Mirza

Randa Mirza (°1978 Beirut) mainly works with photo and video. Through her work, Mirza questions the nature of images and their social uses. She manipulates the image to reveal the discourse inherent in all representations, at the tenuous border between fiction and reality.

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