Oussama Tabti

Moussem Vitrine

TĂȘte d'Arabe #2 - Oussama Tabti

Oussama Tabti - Meknine ezzine

Born in Algeria in 1988, Oussama Tabti is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in 2006 end from Aix-en-Provence’s art school in 2017. In his artistic work, he attempts to take a contextual position on the various changes and phenomena that have a significant impact on Algerian society and the wider world. His interest in news events and reality in general appears in his works. Oussama has previously exhibited his work in : lla BJCEM, Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs d’Europe et de la Méditerranée Skopje 2009 ; FIAC, Festival International d’Art Contemporain d’Alger, Alger, 2012 ; DAK’ART, la Biennale l’art africain contemporain DAK’ART, Dakar 2012 ; Instants vidéo, Marseille 2012 ; Traverse vidéo Toulouse, 2013 ; MEDITERRANEA 16 Biennale des jeunes artistes ; Ancône 2013, Orient ’Art Express, Oujda, 2014 ; Water Tower Art Festival, Sofia,2015 ; Nel mezzo del mezzo, Museo Rizo, Palerme, 201 ; Kawkaw, LE 18, Marrakech, 2016, Ni Rome ni vous, La Baignoire, Alger , 2017. His works intersects the aesthetic, social and the cultural issues and hold a critical vision on them. A good control of differents medias allows him to express himself.

Oussama Tabti is the first artist we present in the context of Moussem Vitrine

Oussama Tabti on Shapes, the installation he presents in Moussem Vitrine:

‘The invisible ones’ is one of the descriptions of the ‘chibanis’ (‘the elderly’), the first generation that migrated from the Maghreb to come and work here. Since I became interested in them I have discovered their discrete presence, and I study their actions and habits. What is striking is their quite exceptional way of dressing, which is both modest and distinguished. A person or an object becomes invisible from the moment we no longer pay them any attention. In this installation I use the clothes and accessories they wear. You can see them in the windows of certain shops, as another sign of the presence of the ‘chibanis’.

visual arts / a moussem production