Badi Rezzak

Badi Rezzak lives and works in Brussels. He studied both at Villa Arson (Nice) and L’ERG (School of Graphic Research, Brussels), and works with performance, sculpture and painting. The body and sports are the undercurrents defining his practice and research, aimed at questioning notions such as masculinity and orientalism. Rezzak collects gestures, movements, attitudes, colours, fabrics and forms, which he appropriates and rearranges to explore the associations that go with them. A first presentation of this research, for which Badi is also undertaking a trip to Algiers, is planned for January 2023 as part of an expo at V2Vingt in Brussels.

On 21 October 2023, Rezzak presents the performance A Stadium by the Dunes in as part of MOUSSEM STAGES.

Photos A Stadium by the Dunes: Nisran Azouaghe