Mazen Al Ashkar

Mazen Al Ashkar is a Syrian artist, based in Amsterdam since 2017. He believes that "It is a necessity to re-value our surroundings and essential elements in order to fulfil our existential authenticity and accept the full weight of our freedom in light of the absurd."
Having graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University in 2012, he started his further exploration seeking various approaches and mediums, from painting to photography, digital and video-art. Now he is experimenting with the contemporary conceptual methods.

As part of the project AMARRE, he is working on a new object:


104.5° is the angle formed in a water molecule, between the two hydrogen atoms, and the oxygen atom H-O-H, the angle of life.
Elements of this work are thoughts about our connections, memory, value, consciousness, and existence. Senses of purity, transparency, stillness, and repetition.
The object "104.5°" is part of "The Breadth Of 104.5°" a series of artworks made by the artist. Inspired by research of the Nobelist Luc Montagnier on "DNA teleportation" based on Jacques Benveniste's research "Water Memory."