From January 4th to January 29th 2016 plastic artist Selim Ben Cheikh is artist in residence with Moussem, in association with Frans Masereelcentrum in Kasterlee. In his earlier work Ben Cheikh was looking for the visual expression of tension. Nowadays he is more focusing on the current evolutions in his homeland Tunisia.

Ben Cheikh about his work:

With my work I want to question the cultural heritage. I try to develop more concepts of the so-called Islamic culture, like the concept of ijtihad (to make an effort to decipher a text, or an image) - and I want to find out how we can reinterpret these concepts.


Ben Cheikh has a Master Degree in Arts and Painting from the Higher Instutute of the Arts in Tunis, Tunisia. He went to Paris to earn another degree in the Arts. Since 2005 Ben Cheikh regularly participates at art exhibitions and conferences. In 2010, for instance, he was the coordinator of the colloquium “Corps et espace dans la création artistique” in Sousse, Tunisia.