Ruud Gielens & Rachid Benzine & Hiam Abbas

Ruud Gielens/Hiam Abbas/Rachid Benzine

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text Rachid Benzine | directed by Ruud Gielens | with Hiam Abbass | dramaturgy Laila Soliman | production Kaaitheater & Moussem

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A woman talks. It’s the time of the revolutions in the Arab world. The woman calls on the world. The woman embodies the status of women in the Mashreq and Maghreb. She is the body of the Arab world. In her are listed all the painful memories, all the struggles, all the hopes, all the advances and setbacks of society.

• Rachid Benzine is the author of Les nouveaux penseurs de l’islam (2004) and Le Coran expliqué aux jeunes (2013). The stage director Ruud Gielens (Union Suspecte, Kaaitheater, KVS) has lived in Cairo since 2009.

In English - subtitled in French and Dutch. 

theater / moussem co-production

19/11/16 - 20:00
18/11/16 - 20:00
15/11/16 - 20:30