Roland Gunst

Roland Gunst, aka John K Cobra, is a self-taught conceptual artist, cineast and musician of Belgian-Congolese (D.R.C.) origin, dividing his time between Belgium and South Africa. From an autobiographical perspective he experiments with the potential of the hybrid identity and Afro-European narratives, deeply inspired by the concept of Afropeanism, in response to conflicts and tensions between black Africa and the white West. It is conflict he has personally experienced and navigated since birth.

In 2021 he presented the Moussem-production 'SPIRIT CAPITAL'.

In 2023, Gunst exhibited his work in the solo show Trans-Architecture: Performing Power Figures, which took place in collaboration with Moussem at Mu.ZEE from 29.04.23 to 03.09.23. In this exhibition, the artist uses the notion of "trans-architecture" to explore alternative ways to construct and deconstruct monuments. Several works from Trans-Architecture: Performing Power Figures have since been acquired by the museum, and are now part of its permanent collection. More information about the exhibition can be found HERE.

In the framework of MOUSSEM STAGES, Gunst presented the video performance The Lazy Men's Refuge on 21 October 2023 at Decoratelier in Brussels. In this performance the artist explores the evolution of colonial architecture in the interwar period, as a means to manage social groups.

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