Radouan Mriziga

Since 2014 Moussem has been supporting and producing the work of choreographer and performer Radouan Mriziga. Following the trilogy ‘55’, ‘3600’ and ‘7’, performances that centred around the relationship between movement, architecture and composition, Radouan created for Moussem Cities Casablanca ‘8’ a performance with 2 young Moroccan dancers. This season he will be presenting ‘8.2’, his first performance for a young audience, a coproduction between Moussem, hetpaleis and fABULEUS. Along with scenographer and fellow traveller Jozef Wouters, he is working on a new production, a duet in which they go in search of the common ground and differences in their work. As part of the Performatik festival of the Kaaitheater, Radouan will be presenting 'O.kanal' in March 2019.