Strange Fruit


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created with & performed by Duraid Abbas, Amar Al Bojrad, Sarah Eisa, Guy Van Nueten – design Jan De Brabander – coach Willy Thomas – production Strange Fruit & Moussem

‘L'enfer, c'est les autres’ (Hell is other people), said Sartre. ‘L'enfer, c'est le manque des autres’ (Hell is the absence of other people) counters Dirk De Wachter today. The young dance-theatre company Strange Fruit explores the latter notion – isolation – in its new presentation Solitary Confinement.

Solitary Confinement is a piece on the psychological consequences of prolonged isolation. In our society, excessive individualism and the glorification of self-interest increasingly lead to social isolation. This stands in stark contrast to what Duraid Abbas and Al Amar Bojrad have experienced in their childhood. In the Middle East, one is constantly surrounded by family and friends. Several generations live together under one roof. Fascinated with these differences, they take a close look, together with Sarah Eisa and composer Guy Van Nueten, at loneliness, and try to examine and understand its possible consequences. How does being alone, preoccupied with just oneself, affect a person? What is it like to live isolated from others? Never to feel the touch of another person? Not to be able to exchange ideas?

In this highly expressive dance theatre, Strange Fruit creates a pervasive atmosphere that confronts the viewer with this unnatural human condition.

Strange Fruit is the young company formed by Amar Al Bojrad, performer Duraid Abbas and Sarah Eisa. The house company of the Moussem Nomadic Art Center creates productions that explore the boundaries between dance and theatre, installation and performance. For the presentation Solitary Confinement, they have collaborated with composer Guy Van Nueten.

theater / dance / a moussem production