Masrah Festival

La charge du Rhinocéros, Théâtre La Balsamine & Moussem

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Production Moussem & La Charge du Rhinocéros
Supported by Wallonie-Bruxelles International

Masrah Festival
Moussem & La Charge du Rhinocéros
Théâtre La Balsamine 28 & 29.11



15:00 - free entrance - in French
Ahmed Massaïa: introduction “theater in Morocco – from the early age until the 21st century" + discussion with Ahmed Massia

16:30 - free entrance - in French
Roundtable “the new Moroccan scene nowadays” with Ahmed Massaïa, director Mohamed Elhor and an actress from the play 'Solo'. Moderation: Soraya Amrani

20:30 - theater - 12/7 Euro - in French
‘Maman’ (je vois sans yeux et sans bouche je crie) Hamadi / La Charge du rhinocéros - see below


19:00 - free entrance - in French
Textpresentation 'Donia' by Taha Adnan and discussion with the author 

20:30 - theater - 12/7 Euro - in Arabic surtitled in French
'Solo' - Akoun Theater - see below

Using different formats, Moussem is working in a layered and long-term project on the opening up and introduction of ‘new’ repertoire. A project that reflects the DNA of our work: the questioning of the prevailing artistic canon and the introduction of vigorous narratives that can help shape a new artistic scene.
With diverse and variable partnerships, Moussem uses its nomadic character to break through existent structures and build new bridges. Both internationally and domestically, we leave language barriers and traditional paths behind and continue our search for exchange and common ground.
In 2018 ‘Wallonie Bruxelles International’ is celebrating a ‘cultural Morocco year’. In this context we shall be joining forces with our Brussels partner for a two-day festival of Moroccan theatre repertoire. A programme whose objective is to make connections between writers, producers and audience and which gives an insight into the contemporary practice of Moroccan theatre. The festival intends to enlarge the knowledge of each other’s terrain and promote dialogue between Belgian and Moroccan artists. A dialogue that can contribute to a shared and common repertoire in the future. The programme, composed of two performances, readings and a round table discussion came about in close collaboration with La Charge du Rhinocéros. ‘La Charge’ is a Brussels production company that focuses on exchanges with the southern Mediterranean area and with its specific characteristics is complementary to how Moussem works. The complete programme can be found on the Moussem website.

 ‘Maman’ (je vois sans yeux et sans bouche je crie) Hamadi / La Charge du rhinocéros
28.11 20:00 Théâtre La Basamine

Hamadi is a multifaceted artist; he is writer, director and actor. Over the last thirty years he has left his mark on the Belgian theatre scene with powerful texts and with his plain and effective aesthetics. In his previous creations "Papa est en voyage", "Barbarians", "Sans ailes et sans racines" Hamadi takes a critical and clear look at the subjects that dominate the debate today.

Maman is a universal and timeless love story, the oldest ever...
Maman is a determining factor, a vital presence from whom one tries to shake oneself free and yet regrets the quick and inevitable farewell...
Maman is the migrant mother, admired by her grown-up son but also gave him many moments of shame when he would have much preferred to pass unnoticed.
Maman is also the city that adopts a young Moroccan Berber of ten, or the other way around...
Maman is a number of characters firmly-rooted in Brussels, in its language, its accent, its joviality and its syncretism.
Maman is a witty tribute to this city and its anonymous residents who defined Hamadi’s youth and who have left an indelible mark on him.

SOLO – Akoun Theater
29.11 20:00 Théâtre La Basamine
Based on ‘La nuit sacré’ by Tahar Ben Jelloun

"Solo" is first and foremost a story about and a testimony to the extraordinary life of a very special woman. It is Zahra herself who recounts her version of the events. Her only fault was being born a girl to a family where one hoped for a boy. Her father, the youngest of six brothers and sisters, saw her and decided to take fate into his own hands: she would live life as a man and be known as Ahmed. Today this asexual being is an adult. In the middle of the twenty-seventh holy night of the Ramadan her father dies. As his final moments approach, he shows remorse and decides to liberate his child. The "newborn" sets out to discover her real self, leaving behind all that remains of the masquerade that was her past.

theater / moussem co-production

28/11/18 - 29/11/18