Moussem, hetpaleis & fABULEUS / Radouan Mriziga


by / with

choreography, concept and scenography: Radouan Mriziga

assistant choreographer: Maïté Jeannolin
dancers: Tars Couvreur, Amina Iddrisu, Mimbi Lubansu, Ebe Meynckens, Nick Van de Velde, Julie Van Minnebruggen, Sadie Vermeiren
costume design: Lila John
production: hetpaleis, fABULEUS, Moussem Nomadisch Kunstencentrum

For the first time Moussem artist in residence Radouan Mriziga is making a performance for young people. With eight young dancers he will be creating a choreography based on the structure of rap music. For that, they will have to dig deep into its history. They will analyse the music, the lyrics, the symbols and the gestures. They’ll be going in search of the source of those characteristic eruptions of power and energy. In this way they try to grasp a style of music that transcends and survives art forms but reinvents itself again and again.

performance / moussem co-production

  04/04/20 - 00:00
Tweetakt Festival - Utrecht
  27/11/19 - 20:00