Rajab Suleiman & Kithara

Enchanting Tarab

For centuries Zanzibar was a crossroads for commercial travellers and migrants. Consequently, in this form of tarab, besides African and Arabic influences, we also hear those of India and Europe. In 2012 the virtuoso qanun player Rajab Suleiman breathed new life into the tradition. He has brought together violinists, singers, accordionists and oud players under the name of Kithara and mixes the Ottoman and Arabic maqam with Cuban rhythms, Indian sounds and locale ngoma stories. In recent years Suleiman and Kithara have toured Europe, the United States, Australia and Tanzania.

Part of the Enchanting Tarab concertseries

‘Tarab’ is a key concept within the broad Arab musical tradition. It is the experience of liberating ecstasy when music and poetry, emotion and atmosphere, performers and audience become one. Central to the tarab experience is the sublime form of singing, immortalized by the mythical Oum Kalthoum. This second season in the tarab series, presented by Moussem and BOZAR, will feature prominent ensembles and performers from Morocco, Tanzania, Egypt and Turkey.

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