Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni

Moussem Vitrine

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Impression numérique sur papier dos bleu 265 / 184cm

Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni, born in Rabat in 1991, was first educated in Morocco at the Tetouan National Institute of Fine Arts before moving to Brussels for a master's degree in sculpture at ENSAV - La Cambre. Rahmouni graduated in 2016 and is currently in residence at HISK, Ghent, for a post-academic degree. He uses various media to realise frank and direct works. His works are all based on real facts or events, wether personal or collective. Rahmouni is challenged – and marked – by the aggressiveness of social relationships and power, in particular, but not solely, political power. In fact, in several of his works, he tackles personal tragic events without necessarily citing them. He seeks to translate various forms of violence, both disasters and everyday life incidents.

Part of Moussem Vitrine

visual arts / guest