Moussem Repertoire

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For several years Moussem has been introducing theatre companies, producing new work for the stage and supporting writers and theatre-makers in the development of their productions. In this way we are engaged in opening up and presenting a ‘new’ repertoire, and also in shaping a new shared narrative that connects with the present reality of the city.

Two years ago we ran a special programme focusing on the Syrian author Saadalah Wannous. His acclaimed work ‘Tuqus al-Isharat wa-l-Tahawwulat’ was published under the title ‘Rituals, Signs and Changes’ and was the very first play written in Arabic to be translated into and published in Dutch.

Our active policy of publishing plays adds an extra layer to the broader picture of the introduction of new work. During last season, Moussem and Kaaitheater initiated a reading group of directors, translators and dramaturges. Its members, Esther Severi, Thomas Bellinck, Sarah Eisha, Simon de Vos, Dounia Mahammed, Lore Baeten and Cees Vossen examined plays suggested by specialist friends and writers from the region, and selected two for translation and publication in the series that Moussem is working on in association with the publishers Bebuquin.

In Moussem Repertoire we, together with Toneelhuis and deSingel, are once again putting together a focus programme on the ‘Arabic’ repertoire in which the various aspects of our work come together. It will again be a three-day festival of performances, play readings, book presentations and a related programme to explore the work in greater depth. We are cooperating with theatre students, inviting specialists from the region and creating a platform for international dialogue with theatre-makers and audiences.

Programme Moussem Repertoire

19.10.17 - Toneelhuis

19:00 Opening and conference by Hanan Kassab-Hassan 'Introduction to theatre in the MENA region'

19:30 Presentation publications 'De Dictator' + 'Kop dicht en graven'

20:00 Performance 'In the Eruptive Mode' - Sulayman Al Bassam

20.10.17 - deSingel

14:00 Lecture 'Kop dicht en graven'

15:00 Discussion with Hanan Kassab-Hassan, Sulayman Al Bassam, Leyla-Claire Rabih ea

20.10.17 - Toneelhuis

19:00 Lecture 'De Dictator'

20:00 Performance 'Jogging' - Hanane Hajj-Ali

21.10.17 - deSingel

20:00 Performance 'Chronicles of an Orphan Revolution' - Leyla-Claire Rabih

19/10/17 - 21/10/17