Moussem Tarab

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Karima Skalli vocals – Rachid Zeroual music, ney – Younes El Khazan viola – Khalid Kouhen drums – Yacir Rami lute

As one of the biggest names in classical Arabic the singer Karima Skalli has an international reputation. Her highly praised musical career involves much more than Arabic songs. For the Tarab project she collaborates with the composer and master ‘Ney’ flautist Rachid Zeroual. The work of virtuoso Zeroual draws on a very broad musical palette: from Gnawa by way of Amazigh-repertoire to Arabo-Andalusian music. But he feels just as at home in the contemporary jazz scene or electronic music, his collaborations with, amongst others, Archie Shepp and Jean Michel Jarre testify to this.
The joy of singing programme brings together two musical greats from Morocco for a programme from the classical Tarab repertoire (Asmhan, Um Kalthoum…) and profane and spiritual poetry.
Karima Skalli is here in Brussels for the very first time for one of her rare appearances on a European stage.

Moussem Tarab

‘Tarab’ is a key concept in the Arab tradition. It is the experience of expanded consciousness when everything comes together; music, poetry, emotion and atmosphere. It is a sublime and cathartic moment, a ‘sigh of the soul’, an absolute connection between musicians and their audience. Central to the tarab experience is the supreme form of song, immortalised by the mythical Oum Kalthoum. In the four concerts which the Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre and BOZAR are presenting we invite you to take part in a contemporary tarab experience: composers, leading musicians and celebrated voices from North Africa and the Middle East mix musical tradition and contemporary sounds, and classical and contemporary poetry go hand in hand. These four concerts promise to be a generous, shared and collective experience.

Moussem Tarab concerts:

13.01.2018 Souad Massi - ‘El Mutakallimun’

22.02.2018 Karima Skalli & Ensemble Rachid Zeroual - ‘Le bonheur du chant’

24.03.2018 Zad Moultaka & Ensemble Mezwej - ‘La passion d’Adonis’

26.04.2018 Abellah Laabi, Naziha Meftah & Driss El Maloumi - ‘L’ oeil du coeur’

Read more on the concept of Tarab, text by composer and musicologist Nabil Benabdeljalil

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