Bashar Murkus

New Middle East

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written by Moataz Abu Saleh | dramaturg, director Bashar Murkus | cast Amal Kais–Abu Saleh, Henry Andrawes | scenography Majdala Khoury | music Terez Sliman, Yazan Ibraheem | graphic design Nihad Awidat | lighting design Naame Zaknoon | technical manager Firas Tarabshi | production Oyoun Theatre and Khashabi Theatre

New Middle East is a dialogue between a masked soldier and the woman that he is burying alive. This conversation between the perpetrator and the victim becomes increasingly absurd. The 2013 piece is both a fictionalised representation of the Syrian (civil) war and a vision of the totalitarian violence that is gripping the Middle East.

• Bashar Murkus is one of the founders of Haifa’s Khashabi Theatre. For New Middle East he collaborated with Oyoun Theatre in the Golan Heights, a part of Syria that was occupied by Israel in 1967.

28.04.2017 Arsenaal/Lazarus Mechelen – 02.05.2017 Kaaitheater Brussels – 03.05.2017 C-Mine Cultuurcentrum Genk – 05.05.2017 deSingel Antwerpen


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