Sufi Night

sufi night/sufism/Mousem/Bozar

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Sufism – the mystical branch of Islam – started during the time of Mohamed, and it flourished from the 10th century onward. Sufism has brought forth great poets such as Rumi and Hafez, and the various brotherhoods that spread from Asia to Africa and Andalusia engendered a rich spiritual musical tradition that lives on even today.

For this eighth edition of Sufi Night, Moussem Nomadic Arts Center and BOZAR have compiled yet another programme full of new discoveries.


15:00 Movie "Islam - Voix de femmes" (Boualem Guéretli en Didier Bourg)

16:30 Speakers : Humanism and islam in Europe & Humanism and sufism

18:00- 19:00: -break-

19:00 Rayahzone with Ali et Hèdi Thabet (dance)

20:30 Ahmet Sahin (voice), Özer Özel and Ali Tan (ney)

21:30 Sufi prayers in the presence of Cheikha Nûr Artiran (Istanbul) and Cheikh Khaled Bentounès (Tariqa Alawyia - Mostaganem, Algeria)

literature / music / dance / a moussem production