Lotus Eddé Khouri

Tournures/Lotus Eddé Khouri/Monty/Dance

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Choreography: Lotus Edde Khouri

Sound : Jean-Luc Guionnet

Lotus Edde Khouri, Jean Luc Guionnet, Christophe Macé et Muhanad Rasheed.

In samenwerking met

The French-Lebanese dancer and choreographer Lotus Eddé Khouri works in Tournures' with two dancers, a musician and a visual artist. PREMIERE APRIL 3rd at MONTY (Antwerpen)

Lotus Eddé Khouri used to dance with the French Compagnie Azar/Isabelle and Maqamat/Omar Rajeh in Lebanon. During this time she developed her own choreographies. "Le temps l'Emportera", was a reflection on the memory and the physical and temporary space. From this project, came a new project: "Volatil lambda" in collaboration with musician Jean Luc Guinnet. Lotus brought Volatil lambda in diverse forms in spaces that were not designed to be dance spaces. With this particular appraoch of Lotus Eddé Khouri each space became a dance space.

From these experiences, the need was felt to create "Tournures", in which a sculptor becomes an integral part of the action of the choreography.

In collaboration with Moussem, Monty offers Lotus the possibility to further develop this project. 

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