Badr El Hammami

Badr El Hammami (1979, Morocco) lives and works in Marseille.

Key concepts in Badr El Hammami's work are otherness, negotiation, co-construction and exchange. He realises many of his projects in situ, based on the relationship he enters into with the people around him. Whether he works with street vendors (Côte à côte), with primary school children (Jeux d'enfants) or with other artists (Offre spéciale), he strives to create forms that respond to the context in which they are produced.

In his work, themes such as displacement, migration, borders and politics are linked to more personal issues related to memory and family. He focuses on this interweaving of small and big stories. Through simple gestures (the painting and burning of postcards, the separation of a chess game by a wall, ...) or more complex realisations built up over time (e.g. the study of audio cassette correspondences between France and the Maghreb), he develops work in which the circulation of speech is a vital necessity.

During his residency in Moussem, Badr El Hammami will develop his project 'Entre nos mains', an investigation of the simultaneously known and unknown space in the creation of artistic work; the experiences, places and encounters that shape the work.

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