Enkidu Khaled

Enkidu Khaled (Bagdad,1985) started studying theatre at the Institute of Fine Arts in Bagdad in 2002, a year before the war began, and worked on several pieces in Bagdad. During this study (and the increasing violence which made making theater more difficult) he dreamt of making a method, a virus, which could be spread all over the world.

Since 2008 he lives and works in Belgium as a theatre maker and performer. In Belgium he directed ‘Gecrashed’ (2009-2010) produced by detheatermaker and Scheld’apen (Antwerp), ‘Kidnap’ (2011-2012) produced by Monty (Antwerp) and workspacebrussels (Brussels), ‘Dreams of Environment’ (2012-2013) produced by bâtard festival (Brussels), detheatermaker (Antwerp) and workspacebrussels.

With this performance Working Method, Enkidu Khaled recently won the Big in Belgium-price.

Enkidu is artist in residence at Moussem this season for his new creation 'The Interview-God 99'.