Barbara Prada

Barbara Prada studied visual arts at the universities of Salamanca and Barcelona, and then at LUCA School of Arts and KASK.

Barbara  about her work:

"Ever since I remember, I was travelling and this has been truly cathartic. The brutal relationship between Europe and Perú, two contrasting cultures forced me to search for my place as an individual in society, resulting in a diverse and multiform body of art projects that range from: “The Memory Shop” to “The Mummification ritual” and “The Recapitulation space”. During the course of my research and through my work I realized that food can be used as a powerful metaphor and means to develop a new critical reflection on our society and its ethics. A series of questions arose that inspired me to create performative public spaces that have their outcome in multiform reflections, experiences, and dialogues. My works are amorphous, they can generate feelings of melancholy, detachment, and balance. They also show the beauty and the painful landscapes that originate from the human, nonhuman and artificial life, presenting food as a shaper of taste, identity, and memory. My work raises public awareness on how food can redefine social ecology, the reality we live in and the universal history of past, present and future generations."

This season she is in residence at Moussem as part of her project 'The Edible Library'.