Othman El Kheloufi

Composer, singer, saxophonist and artistic all-rounder Othman El Kheloufi was born in Salé in north-western Morocco. As an autodidact, he develops his own compositions and melodies, a proper, personal language that combines influences from everywhere with jazz, chaabi and other popular Maghreb music traditions. He himself calls his style 'neo-beldi' (referring to 'le bled', the 'back of beyond'), an adventurous sound stemming from tradition, the sounds of his youth. In BOZAR, El Kheloufi presents his brand new album Zid Zid.

From 2019 until 2021, Moussem supports Othman El Kheloufi in developing his musical course and supervises his master-pupil trajectory for passing on craftsmanship, within the framework of a grant from the Flemish Community. In the 2 years to come, Othman will be taking the 'From Bendir to Sendir' trajectory with his students Mona Abdel Wahab, Marie Cocriamont and Anse Kuyl. Through intensive training and supervision, musical interaction and working visits in Morocco, the students are immersed in traditional Moroccan music and its instruments, in synergy with the contemporary musical context. The process is completed with a musical creation.

Icw FARO, het Muziekinstrumentenmuseum and  Conservatorium Antwerpen
with the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap and Darna house of Flemish-Moroccan cultures


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