Oussama Tabti

Oussama Tabti is a visual artist who graduated from Algiers' School of Fine Arts and Aix-en-Provence's School of Art. Currently he is a student at the HISK post-graduate programme in Ghent. Tabti was born in Algiers in 1988, and lives and works between Brussels and Marseille. His work takes a critical look at hermetic geopolitics, consisting of impassable frontiers and cultures that curl up on themselves. In his own way, he denounces the difficulty of moving in a world that is indeed globalised but also suspicious, frightened by 'the stranger' and by difference. Oussama Tabti will exhibit within the framework of Moussem Cities Algiers.

In 2020 Oussama is in residency at Moussem as part of Moussem Cities Algiers for an exhibition at BOZAR. This season Moussem supports his new project 'Sonnette'.

vimeo Oussama Tabti