L'Arabe de service / Do your arab thing publication

In collaboration with its European partners and deBuren, organized the Brussels colloquium l’Arabe de service / Do your arab thing on Monday 14th of October 2013.

We reflected on the classical Western canon from the perspective of artists with a link to the Arab World living and working in Europe. The field of the arts often gives these artists the floor only when they are reduced to certain stereotypes. Each artist reacts on this in his or her own way. The aim is to renegotiate a dynamic canon with the contribution of these artists making entirely part of our society.

To inspire further reflection made a digital publication with the outcome of the Brussels colloquium. It contains the keynote of Zahia Rahmani, responsible for the program Art and globalisation of the Paris INHA and the conclusions of the different multilingual workshops by Wouter Hillaert, Sabine Frank, Taha Adnan and Gérard Mayen.

You can download the pdf of this e-publication here

You can download the e-book versions (.epub and .mobi) of this publication here