Youness Atbane

Untitled 14KM

by / with

Conception Youness Atbane
Associated artists
Aziz Nadif Youness Atbane Zouheir Atbane Kamal Adissa
Aziz Nadif
Sound creation
Zouheir Atbane
Assistance and dramaturgy
Anna Weissenfels Henri Jules Julien
Installation and montage
Collectif Pixylone
Studio Emad EDDIN Stiftelsen & The Arab Arts Focus with the support of the Ford Foundation
Sundance Institut
The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)
Moussem Nomadic Art center
Support L’uzine Artlab Berlin LTK4 Cologne

The performance and installation Untitled 14KM raises the question of what a 'contemporary Arab identity' could be.
Four figures – a young contemporary Arabian artist, an Arab curator, a director of a museum for Western contemporary art and an Arab-Andalusian poet from the 7th century – negotiate, argue and fight each other about who has the legitimacy to define this identity, in the context of an exhibition that they must organise together.


performance / moussem co-production

09/11/19 - 00:00
08/11/19 - 00:00