Youness Atbane & Youness Aboulakoul

The Architects

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Concept : Youness Atbane
Associated artists: Youness Aboulakoul &Youness Atbane
Sound design: Youness Aboulakoul
assistence choreografie: Anna Weissenfels, Aziz Nadif
lights: Atbane Zouheir
Coproduction: Moussem Nomadic Arts Center
Supported by: The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)
In collaboration with: Institut Francais Maroc, La friche la Belle de Mai, Le cube art room Rabat

A plant, a cup, a book, a chair, a lamp, a bottle-these were the most common possessions the dismissed bankers carried in boxes from their offices on Wall Street when the financial crisis they caused reached a low point. These objects are now the basis for a choreographic duet that questions the connection between object, art market and crisis. With a humorous view of the art world and its absurd geopolitical expressions, choreographer en visual artist Youness Atbane and performer and composer Youness Aboulakoul explode the logic of language, movement and images.

performance / moussem co-production