Mohamed Briouel & Orchestre arabo-andalou de Fès - SOLD OUT

Enchanting Tarab


As a young man, Mohamed Briouel . (1954) studied under the celebrated musician Hadj Abdelkrim Raïss. It wasn’t long before he joined the man’s orchestra, excelled in playing the traditional Eastern violin and became absorbed in the Arab-Andalusian tarab. A highly-acclaimed career in music followed. In recent years, this outstanding violinist, orchestra leader and music pedagogue has graced international stages with a programme of Arabic-Andalusian and Sephardic traditional repertoire. His orchestra, the Orchestre arabo-andalou de Fès, is considered to be the oldest and most celebrated ensemble in these music genres, recognised for its authentic interpretations.

Part of the Enchanting Tarab concertseries

‘Tarab’ is a key concept within the broad Arab musical tradition. It is the experience of liberating ecstasy when music and poetry, emotion and atmosphere, performers and audience become one. Central to the tarab experience is the sublime form of singing, immortalized by the mythical Oum Kalthoum. This second season in the tarab series, presented by Moussem and BOZAR, will feature prominent ensembles and performers from Morocco, Tanzania, Egypt and Turkey.

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