Moussem Repertoire

Day 3

21.10.17 - deSingel

20:00 Performance 'Chronicles of an Orphan Revolution' - Leyla-Claire Rabih

In Arabic and French, with Dutch surtitles

How do you tell a story that is still taking shape? The Moussem artist-in-residence Leyla-Claire Rabih incorporated three pieces by the Syrian author Mohammad Al Attar into this new creation. Each of them sheds light on a specific moment in Syria’s recent history, showing how, starting from an uprising, this country found itself in a civil war. With a combination of acting, images and video, this highly topical production provides an insight into the complexity of the Syrian conflict.

After studying literature, Leyla-Claire Rabih worked as a director of contemporary plays in Germany for 10 years. In 2008 she settled in Lyon and set up her own company, Grenier Neuf.

 Text Mohammad Al Attar

Translation Jumana Al-Yasiri et Leyla-Claire Rabih

Directed by Leyla-Claire Rabih

Performed by Soleïma Arabi, Wissam Arbache, Racha Baroud, Leyla-Claire Rabih, Grégoire Tachnakian, Elie Youssef

Scenography Jean-Christophe Lanquetin

Assistent director Philippe Journo

Artistic collaboration Catherine Boskowitz

Production Grenier Neuf supported by Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre