beeldsmederij DE MAAN, Moussem Nomadisch Kunstencentrum & hetpaleis


trailer Raya

by / with

tekst: Rimah Jabr
regie: Stef De Paepe
spel: Thomas Van Caeneghem
spel: Femke Stallaert
spel: Koen Janssen
spel: Greet Jacobs
figuren en kostuums: Paul Contryn
animatie: Marijke Van den Acker

Performance in Dutch


In a strange little village lived Raya, the girl with the green hair. She is the last surviving person with green hair. All the signposts in the village are written in a language that Raya does not understand. Raya wants to look for her parents, who were banished from the village. No one knows why. Or no one will say why. She starts her quest with the help of her friend Nana, who can read the magical language in the old newspapers, and it takes her to some surprising and bizarre places.

RAYA is a philosophical and political fantasy fairytale by the Palestinian theatre-maker, author and Moussem resident Rimah Jabr. She has used her background to create a contemporary, humorous, absurd but above all profound narrative.

"Raya: If I walk next to the railway. I’ll arrive somewhere. I need to meet them now while I’m still a kid. Before I grow up. I want them to read stories to me before it’s too late. I don’t want to be remembered as Miss Bonnet who lived without her parents. My Mom will be a lovely woman, I’m sure she has a beautiful voice. My father will be a silent man full of mystery, I’m sure they talk about how much they love each other day and night." – excerpt Raya – Rimah Jabr

theater / moussem co-production

12/11/17 - 09/01/18