Day of Dignity for all

The Day of Dignity for all is a civic initiative of Samira Bendadi (Journalist MO* Magazine) and Mohamed Ikoubaân (director of the Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre)

One year on from the attacks of 22 March, we are taking some time to stop and think about what happened last year and what was said in relation to it. We are taking time to measure the damage and assess the situation. As foreign citizens we want to be respected in our dignity. Using this aspiration as a starting point, we will analyse the facts and reflect on the future.
We are worried about the future of our children in this country. Our fear is fuelled by the discourse on Muslims and cultural minorities in general, which runs the risk of making a nonsense of our rule of law. Our society is hurtling towards a catastrophe but there is still time to remedy the situation.
On 19 March 2017, we give the floor to women and young Brussels inhabitants. What has been achieved so far? What are, in their eyes, the sore points and what suggestions do they have? Academics and specialists will assess the situation and speak about their plans for the future. Finally, we will ask artists and intellectuals to start thinking about the tempestuous times we live in.
On 19 March, we will focus on the concrete proposals to turn the tide. Dignity for equality for ALL is our goal, our responsibility towards our children and future generations.

Free entrance on reservation

Participants include: Aziza El-Maiaouni (De Wijkacademie Molenbeek), Bachir Mrabet (Foyer des jeunes Molenbeek), Eric Claes (Odisee), Fatima Zibouh (ULg), Eva Brems (UGent), Caroline Pauwels (rector VUB), Elena Aoun (UCL), Jamila Ben Azzouz, Mireille-Tsheusi Robert (Ba Ya Ya vzw), Mohamed Aminian (Centre Culturel Omar Khayam), Taha Adnan, Rachida Lamrabet, Birsen Taspinar etc.

With the support of Bozar, Moussem Nomadic Arts Center, Les Amis de l’Islam, Arabel, MO* Magazine…

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