Nacera Belaza

Sur le fil

nacera belaza/sur le fil/dance

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Nacera Belaza choreography, sound designer, dance, lighting design – Aurélie Berland dance – Anne-Sophie Lancelin dance – Christophe Renaud lighting design – Dalila Belaza dance – Gwendal Malard sound

Persisting in a logic of personal introspection which leads her to the Other, in this trio Sur le fil, Nacera Belaza once again experiences shared transcendence with two other female performers and the audience. Since her very first performances her dance, which is both telluric and meditative and which stretches the body to its extremes thus enabling it to go beyond the live experience, shows the way like others might work the earth. She is elsewhere and takes the audience with her along those quiet routes in a contemporary trance.

dance / a moussem production

03/11/17 - 20:00
Théâtre de Vidy - Lausanne
13/10/17 - 20:30
Charlerloi Danse - Boulevard Mayence 65 C, 6000 Charlerloi
16/09/17 - 20:00
International Performing Arts Festival - Terni