Remah Jabr/Moussem/Theatre/Palestine

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Text and direction: Remah Jabr
Actors: Greet Jacobs, Cédric Coomans, Greg Timmermans, Sofie Decleir en Youri Dirkx
Light: Giacomo Gorini
Production : Nomadisch Kunstencentrum Moussem
Co-producers: detheatermaker / C-Mine cultuurcentrum Genk

A mother works with the enemy, and takes her family down in that process. She ends up getting murdered. Abandoned by friends and relatives during her lifetime, no-one seems keen on finding her a decent burial place. That daunting tasks now rests on the delicate shoulders of the daughter. But she is trying to free herself from all the burden /legacy of her mother. And so the daughter ends up fighting fire with fire - getting caught up in a spiral of bad decisions.

‘High Heels and stuffed Zucchini’ is a play about an absurd world where a child cannot break free from her parents and from the emotional past. It is a story that tries to unravel what is 'good' and 'bad'. Is there such a thing as a destin or can we create our own destination? - against the background of the occupied Palestinian territories.

Remah Jabr was born in Nablus. In 2012 she was participated at the production Keffiyeh / Made in China, a collaboration of KVS with A.M. Qattan Foundation in Palestine. Jabr studied theatr at RITS in Brussels. During this time she wrote and directed several plaus, like Two Ladybugs en The Prisoner).

Remah Jabr is artist in residence with Nomadisch Kunstencentrum Moussem.

theater / a moussem production

30/09/15 - 20:00
29/09/15 - 20:00