Driss El Maloumi Trio

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Driss El Maloumi oud, vocals - Said El Maloumi daf, zarb, cajón, oudou, back vocals - Lahoucine Baquir daf, darbouka, req, back vocals - Driss El Maloumi Trio

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As a young boy the virtuoso oud player and director of the conservatory of Agadir, Driss El Maloumi, followed in the footsteps of the masters who preceded him. After his classical training he kept an open mind, seeking out experiences that could enrich his music. He broke free from the old dogmas and went in search of modern playing techniques. The outcome is his own personal sound that is inspired by various oriental music genres, the soul of Sufi and Berber culture.

The Driss El Maloumi trio will perform music from his most recent album in BOZAR.

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