Testimonies of the revolution

El Warsha Zawaya

Theatre/Moussem/Bozar/Shady Atef/Revolution in Egypt/president Moubarak

by / with

- A play by Hassan El Geretly
- Written by Shadi Atef
- Poems of Mohaed El Sayed, Shadi Atef, Wael Fathy
- Music by Yasser El Magrabi
- With Arfa Abdelrasoul – Seif El Aswany – Dahlia Al Gendy – Yasser El Magrabi
(oud and singing) – Hassan Abou Al Rous – Ahmed Shoukry

In samenwerking met

Zawaya: Testimonies from the Revolution – A documentary theatre piece. ‘Zawaya’ presents the testimonies and perspectives of five different Egyptian characters: the mother of a martyr, a member of Ultras Ahlawi, a human rights activist, an army officer, and a paid thug. While the stories are mostly set during the eighteen days of the January 2011 revolution, they are not reminiscent, but rather an invitation to reflect.

El Warsha Theatre Company :
Founded by Hassan El Geretly in 1987 El Warsha Theatre Company is the first independent theatre troupe in Egypt and presents performances that tend to address different themes that revolve around every day life, in an attempt to reflect on issues that affect our society. Touring locally, and within the Arab world and beyond since 1990, El Warsha has worked to unify activities involved with art, learning and development.

Une production El Warsha avec le soutien de TAMASI Performing Art Network, SIDA Swedish, International Development Cooperation Agency, Hakaya / Union Européenne

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