A story of few words and lots of music

theater/music/Umm Kulthum/Moussem

by / with

Composition and musique live: Bo Spaenc
Mise en scène: Benjamin Van Tourhout
Singing: Thaïs Scholiers
Music live: Osama Abdulrasol
Puppets: Filip Peeters
Theater concept: Steven Brys
Costumes: Viola Vandomme
Cycle of poems: Taha Adnan

In samenwerking met

Umm sings songs,
first for her father,
then for the whole country,
even for the President! 

When Umm sings on the radio,
the city streets run empty."

5 years after the very successful ‘Geen spijt. Leven en liedjes van kleine Edith’ (No regrets. Life and songs of little Edith), De KOLONIE MT, together with Moussem, again presents a musical based on the life story of the great Egyptian singer, Umm Kulthum.

The French version of UMM will play in Casablanca's International Theater Festival from 13 to 23 May 2015, the Swedush version will play in Sweden in 2015.

theater / moussem co-production

30/05/15 - 19:00
20/05/15 - 14:30
26/04/15 - 14:00