Amal Omran

Theatre/Amal Omran/Syria/Moussem

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Written by: Berkay Ateş
Directors: Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu, Berkay Ateş
Starring: Amal Omran
Musicians: Merih Aşkın
Stage and Costume Design: Tomris Kuzu
Lighting Design: Cem Yılmazer
Assistant Director: Reyhan Ozdilek

A production or Amal Omran (Syria) with Kumbaraci50 (Turkey) and in coproduction with Moussem, Globalize Cologne and Fundamentam Monodrama Festival (Luxemburg)

In samenwerking met

“HAK / Right”

Story of a human walking barefoot, without counting the steps or looking back; leaving the name, the identity, the language; taking her breath and conscience with herself and opening her eyes into the darkness. Voice of embracing sorrow and rebellion. Maybe someday at your doorsteps, maybe someday inside your hand, maybe a voice reaches to our ears in the middle of all that happens around. Maybe the voice of rebellion is the strongest voice. Tells her story land after land, place after place, person after person, wandering up and down. On a day guns blow, minutes just do not pass, when everyone breathes holding on to their lives; she gazes them all from a distance. Smells and sees everything. Rumble starts, legs cross but she stops and sees them all. Then she walks noting everything in her mind; about all she has, about never ending wars, about murdered children, darkening soil, drying rivers. On an unknown month, on an unknown day, at an unknown place the blow of a gun and start of her walk happens at the at the same time. She tells this murder that happens or could happen on any day at anywhere with the language of falling leaves and millions of silent people. This story is a flame of rebellion that one person lights by walking over many lands barefoot in the name of whole universe, in the name of reaching beauties, joys and happiness. This story is a proof of life of a young person who died to protect her in front of her eyes, his voice and his dreams come true.

Bio Amal Omran:

• Leading roles in Noh directed by: Fayez Kazak (Damascus-1994)
• Ward Number 6 directed by: Jawad Al-Assadi (Damascus-1994)
• TheSeagull directed by: Archabestova (Damascus-1994)
• The Servants directed by: Nader Al-Kasem (Mediterranean Festival Milan, 1996)
• Miniatures directed by: Na'ela Al-Atrash (Damascus-1997)
• Gilgamesh (Official Avignon Festival 2000)
• The house of Bernarda Alba directed by: Mansor Al-Salty (Damascus-2003)
• Phaedra directed by: François Michel Pessenti (Damascus-2004)
• Mass directed by: Abdel Mon'em Amairi (Damascus, Tunis, Cairo-2005), which won the best play in Cairo theatre festival.
• Venus labyrinth directed by: the Italian director Nolo (images from middle east festival, Freedenberg-2006).
• Exchange memories directed by: Sara Jebran (Denmark, Swede 2007)
• The Daily bread directed by: Sawsan Darwaza (Amman-2007, Damascus-2008)
• Richard III directed by: Souliman Al-bassam (Shakespeare festival-Stratford 2007, Athens Theatre festival-2007, Kuwait-2008, Damascus during the festival of Damascus the capital of Cultulre-2008, Paris at Bouffest des nord of Peter Brook theatre-2008, Amsterdam Theatre festival, Kennedy Center-New York, UAE-2009).
• The House Astronomy directed by: Suleiman Al-Bassam, (2010 - 2012) presented in Kuwait,Beirut, Brooklyn, New York – Boston, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Egypt andTunisia
• that happens tomorrow directed by: Osama Ghanam (2010) presented in Syria, Beirut, and Germany Theater Theater Andrror
• sin success directed by: Mary Busallma ( 2013) presented in Algeria, Germany Theater Theater Andrror, and Colon
• Thousand and One Nights directed by: Tim Sable (2011 - 2012) presented in Morocco, Canada, Scotland, and Edinburgh
• Readings of the play "Stories of the Revolution" Written by: Orwa Miqdad directed by: Rafat Algakout (Beirut - Platform Festival 2012)
• A maze of Venus directed by: Nolo in Denmark (2006)
• improvisations under the supervision of: Sarah Gibran (2007) in Denmark and Sweden

Filmed with leading Lebanese and Syrian directors includes:
• Sacrifices directed by Oussama Mohammed (2002 - Official Selection, Cannes Film Festival)
• Under the ceiling directed by Nidal Dibbs (2003).
• Zainab and the River directed by Christine Debaghi and she won Best Actress at the Festival des Trois Continents in Nantes, France, 1997 for her role as Zainab in the film.

• A Season In Hell (Aleppo, Alexandria, Amman-1999);
• Adonis-Hallaj (Damascus-2004).Woman alone{Damascus -2010)(Paris-2011).
• Alkohol(Damascus.Aleppo-2002)
• Endless reahersal (Sanliurfa-Turky) 2014

theater / moussem co-production