Sirine Fattouh

Une histoire du Liban à travers les œuvres de ses artistes

  • Kaaistudio’s


Sirine Fattouh guides the spectator through a piece of Lebanese history on the basis of a personal selection of art works and films. She focuses on three specific moments: the end of the civil war in Lebanon in the late 1990s, the attack on the former Prime Minister in 2005 and the Israeli attacks on Lebanon in 2006.

With her performance, Sirine Fattouh shows how the years of conflict in Lebanon have affected the arts. Many of the contemporary artists in her country have experienced the war as adolescents; and even if they not always consciously choose to work on the theme, their work is nevertheless always politically charged. 'Une histoire du Liban à travers les œuvres de ses artistes et cinéastes' also tells about the flourishing of contemporary art after the war. The total absence of an art market or any official cultural institutions created huge possibilities for experimentation.

Sirine Fattouh lives and works in Beirut and in Paris, where she defended her doctorate on this presentation’s topic at the Sorbonne in 2015.

In French

  • Coproduction Moussem & MuCEM (Marseille)