Malikah/Tonino/Johnny Madness/DJ Selecta Arabee

BXL meets Beirut

  • Botanique

Brussels meets Beirut: upon the invitation of Moussem, Rival of i.a. CNN and Souterrain put together a programme with Brussels and Lebanese artists.

DJ Selecta Arabee grew up with reggae, rock and soul, but became really passionate about music when he discovered hip-hop. Every sample is in fact an invitation to experience a journey through the history of music. DJ Selecta Arabee comes to the Botanique with an account of his travels. Without slides, but with a splendid selection of musical pearls.

Tonino is the nom de plume of Antonin El Hadj, a member of the Namur hip-hop collective Trafiquants d'Art, with whom he developed a special rhyme technique. On his brand new EP Entre Temps (In the meantime) we hear catchy, personal lyrics and melancholic, jazzy melodies.

The French-Lebanese beatboxer Johnny Madness gives the genre an original twist by incorporating fast Arabic percussion and lots of humor into his shows.

The also French-Lebanese Malikah has been developing her craft since she was 16. After fourteen years of musical wanderings, this queen of hip-hop lands in Brussels, in the good company of Esslam and Mazzi.