Tony Chakar


  • Kaaistudio’s

Architect, writer and artist Tony Chakar lives and works in Beirut. His first intervention in the public space dates from 1999. Since then, he has presented many others, all of them evincing strong critical as well as poetic qualities. The numerous conflicts in the part of the world that he considers his, have had devastating effects. They lead to new forms of symbolic resistance, which Chakar turns into the subject of his artistic research. In particular, he is interested in the tradition of ideologies and myths that feed, or, quite contrarily, counter liberal thinking. His work has been shown at numerous international biennials and festivals, including Meeting Points 6 and the 11th Biennial of Sharjah.

In the lecture-performance he presents in the Kaaistudio’s, Chakar explores the myth of Adam's equal, Lilith, the first woman on Earth, and the emergence of the alphabet. He relates both stories to the destructive impact of recent political events.

In English