Nancy Naous

The Third Circle, Variations

  • Kaaitheater


  • Performance

The third circle, variations is a performance and installation based on interviews with islamic intellectuals, religious leaders and specialists in islamic law, conducted by choreographer Nancy Naous. This project investigates what dance and music would look like when conforming to the Sharia.

This project is a sequel to The third circle (created in 2014 in collaboration with composer Wael Koudaih), which questioned the direction of art in general and dance and music in particular from the prespective of islamic law.

Nancy Naous is a choreographer, dancer and actress. For her, dance is a way to address social, political, cultural, religious and psychological themes. She finds inspiration in current events and the developments in the Arab world.

Naous studied in Beirut and Paris. Her dance company is called 4120. CORPS; the name refers to the number of kilometers between the two cities that have shaped her.

Installation in Arabic with English and French titles
Performance in Arabic with Dutch and French titles

  • Choreography: Nancy Naous
  • Performers: Dalia Naous, Nancy Naous, Mohamed Fouad, Hanane El Dirani
  • Music: Hadi Zeidan
  • Supertitles: Nadim Bahsoun
  • Lighting: Alexandre Vincent
  • Costumes: Jörg Todtenbier
  • Co-production: All Mawred all Thaqafy, Heinrich Boell Stiftung, Mucem
  • With the support of CND