Ghassan Salhab

Terra Incognita + La Montagne

  • Bozar studio

    Film – Terra Incognita

  • Film – La Montagne

Terra Incognita

Present-day Beirut, a city seven times destroyed, and re-built as often. A city in a constant state of construction, mutating, in the same manner as the film’s main character, Soraya, and also Leyla, Tarek, Nadim and Haïdar.

La Montagne

As night falls over Beirut, Fadi, a forty year-old man, packs his bags and sets out to the airport with a friend. Although he has said that he will be leaving the country for a month, when he arrives to the airport, he rents a car, gets on the highway and takes the mountainous route North bound.

Ghassan Salhab was born in Dakar, Senegal. In addition to making his own films and video works, he collaborates on various scenarios, and teaches film in Lebanon. He has directed six feature films, all of which have been selected in various international film festivals.

In Arabic, with subtitles in French

  • Terra Incognita: 2002, Lebanon/France, 120’
  • La Montagne: 2010, Lebanon, B/W, 84’