Rima Khcheich


  • Bozar hall M


With her contemporary interpretation of classical Arabic music, Rima Khcheich has become one of the most prominent Lebanese singers of today. Since 1997, she has been working together with several leading Dutch musicians; together they have developed a style of music that combines the best of two worlds: the special sounds and rhythms of the Arab tradition and the complex harmony and improvisation of the European musical culture.

She has recently released her sixth album Washwishni which she is presently presenting on tour through the Netherlands and Belgium. Washwishni, which means “whisper to me” in Arabic, is a satirical reflection on the current issues that preoccupy today's young Arab generation: immigration, war, religion, revolution, and love.

“Absolute Queen of the evening. What a beautiful voice, what touching music.” (de Volkskrant)

  • Rima Khcheich: vocals
  • Maarten Ornstein : clarinet
  • Maarten van der Grinten: guitar
  • Tony Overwater: Bass
  • Janke Bohdan Stanislaw: drums