Rayes Bek + La Mirza

Love and Revenge

  • Vaartkapoen

Love and Revenge is the project of Lebanese hip-hop pioneer Rayess Bek and visual artist Randa Mirza. It is a musical reflection on identity and dual culture, aiming to give a second life to old Arabic popular songs and movies, by adapting them to the patterns and aesthetics of modern music. It is a tribute to the iconic singers of the last century like Oum Kalthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Sabah…

Love and Revenge is the fractured beats of electronic production and the traditional folk music of the Orient.

  • Electronica: Wael Koudaih (Rayess Bek)
  • Electric oud: Mehdi Haddab
  • Keyboards: Julien Perraudeau:
  • Video: Randa Mirza (La Mirza)
  • Sound: Ludovic Joyeux