Rimah Jabr

Rimah Jabr is a Palestinian writer and theatre-maker. Since completing her studies at the RITS in Brussels, she has commuted between Toronto, Brussels and Palestine for her work. She recently wrote a new play for children on commission to Moussem. It is called Raya and in it she incorporates her background into a philosophical fairy-tale full of strange characters. It is all about a girl with green hair, and is being co-produced by Moussem, Het Paleis and De Maan. Stef De Paepe is directing this contemporary visual parable and it will open in autumn 2017.

In 2015 Rimah Jabr wrote and directed the Moussem-production "High Heels and Stuffed Zucchini". 



High Heels and stuffed Zucchini’ is a play about an absurd world where a child cannot break free from her parents and from the emotional past. It is a story that tries to unravel what is 'good' and 'bad'. Is there such a thing as a destin or can we create our own destination?


Remah Jabr in the media :

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